Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ode to an Iphone 4

There were others in the window when I first saw you.
I looked at you and I wasn't sure-
I suppose I thought you were slightly out of my league.

I looked at others and I searched around,
But then I came back for you.

You smiled at me in an in-obvious way.
I looked back at you, flirtingly.

I thought of you all night, and wondered,
Should I go back for you?
I wasn't sure.

Right now, our brief journey seems like a lifetime of adventures
Of laughter and of tears,
Of Whatsapping and Instagramming.

I was so shocked when you left me.
It was so sudden, so unexpected.
I searched for you everywhere,
Asking everybody if they had seen you.

I knew you wanted me too,
And I could feel you calling out to me.
I just didn't know where to search.

I cried, but I did not scream.
Part of me believed that you would come back to me.

How naive I was then!
Only four days ago
Those days seem like decades.

Of course, someone had stolen you from me.
I hoped you didn't love him, or her.
He or she used you.
To phone abroad.  (It cost me a lot.)

Ridiculously I tried to contact he who was called.
To search for you
To find out if you were okay,
If you thought about me now and then?

Now time has passed
And everyday I try and face a reality without you.
Kelly Clarkson's song "Since You've Been Gone" makes so much sense to me now.

Now it's time for me to move on.
So I will say goodbye.

I wish you a happy future, with whoever he or she is.
Perhaps one day we'll meet again.
I will not recognise you.  Probably.

But if you recognise me,
Don't forget to say hi.

Some pictures we took when we were together:

In the making of an apple tart:

Some grafitti by Louis Vuitton:

A patisserie shop I wanted us to try out together:

Happy when we were together:

Eating great profiteroles together with salted caramel and cream.

Walking together on a sunny day.

Some places to check out in Paris:

1)"Cook Book" Exhibition

An exhibition which explores the relationship between visual art and artistic gastronomy.  All the paintings, pictures, drawings and videos show the evolution of the culinary world as well as how food is depicted in the arts.

2)George Braque Exhibition

3) "Le Salon des Saveurs" Any foodie would be thrilled by this culinary event!  Samples of caviar, cheeses, foie gras, champagne, cheeses, chocolate, (did I mention cheeses?) fine wines, bread, nougat, cooking books and utensils.