Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Carb free?

So the other day, I decided to join fitness first.  My very motivated sister told me that I would get addicted to the gym.  This has not yet happened, especially after the personal trainer told me that exercising too much was not actually a great thing to do, and if you do it too often, you can put weight on!  Imagine exercising so much that you put on weight?  My advice to all of you who are pumping iron every night to go home to your wives and have a big chocolate cake.  That may make you slimmer.  (May make you slimmer, please see small print for details*).  She brainwashed me into eating more healthily, such as less carbs and sugar but more proteins, vegetables and fats.  For this reason I decided to try it out, just as an experiment and just to see how tempting I could make it.

Here we have: Smoked Mackerel with Fried Egg and Rocket Salad, at three different angles:



Monday, 22 October 2012

Baked scallops with béchamel

                                       The Sun Sets in the Venetian lagoon

Traduction: Coquilles saint-jacques gratinées
Traduzione: Gratin di capesante

I've been meaning to write about this recipe which came to me when I thought of my grandmother and how she serves us scallops with an ever so delicate béchamel.  We are extremely spoilt because these scallops are so delicious that is completely understandable that she buys them from her favourite supermarket 'Picard', a luxurious frozen foods brand.  I had always saw them at the Rialto fish market in Venice and thought, these would make a really special dinner party.