me (left) and my older sister Emma (right)

When I was a child, my father used to tell me that everything would always be okay.  Because, he said "you're Mike Sarne's daughter!"  If anyone was to know I was Mike Sarne's daughter, all would be well.  

This is my father, actually well known for his song 'Come Outside' in the sixties.  If your parents were alive then, you can ask them if they remember those groovin' days.  I certainly can't.

But me, I'm just a girl battling my way through a ferocious world.  By battling, I mean eating.  

 I am born in Paris but bred in Notting Hill, in West London.

Four years ago I decided I did not want to be French or English but Italian instead.  For that reason I learned to talk the talk and walk the walk.  This meant: cooking the pasta, moving the hands and saying "Ciao bella," to every girl who passes by.

Last year I graduated from Sussex University in Drama Studies and Italian.

After university,  I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a pastry chef and enrolled at pastry school in Paris whilst following an apprenticeship at Maison Landemaine.

I am now working at the Plaza Athenee as an Assistant Pastry Chef and preparing for a specialisation in Chocolate, Sweets and Plated Desserts.

I started writing this blog in order to share my travel experiences and write down all my obsessive food- related thoughts because noone wanted to talk about them with me.  After having stacks of scrap paper with food ideas, recipes, questions that I would write myself when reminiscing on gastronomic possibilities, I decided that a blog was a good thing to do.

My French side bred my chocolate and pastry passion.  My English side bred the sarcasm and irony.  The Italian side bred the passion for everything food.

Basically, I'm just a bit confused.

I love travelling and stealing a piece of every single culture with me.  I am over-enthusiastic about everything.  Except camping in the rain.

If you would like to get in touch for any fun food-related ideas you can email me at: scheuer.abigail@gmail.com

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