Sunday, 28 August 2016

Thank you, Paris

August 2015

Today I don't have running shoes on my feet, but my need to run- run away - physically- nearly got me sprinting through the streets of Paris with my huge red bag.

I listen to an italian song: "I'll wait for you in a city that is vanishing. Leave everything behind, leave to start over again.  If we lose its okay because we're only passing through, and what a long road there still is to go... share the love, share the love, share the love. The world is only a sea of words. It's yet so hard to explain, it doesn't matter where, it's just matters, to leave. What a long road there still is ahead. Have a good journey, my love. Wherever you go, share the love, share the love." 

Thank you Paris, for training me up for hard times. Thank you Paris, for teaching me excellence, obedience and skill.  Thank you Paris, for showing that idealism and proudness should not overtake you, and humility and honesty are perhaps just a little harder to acquire, yet their benefits are underestimated.

Thank you Paris, for teaching me to be alone, and for showing me that no matter where you are, you're the only one who can get yourself up. Thank you Paris, for allowing me to try and try again and not judging me too hard for failing.  Thank you for allowing me to succeed, eventually, and letting me know that "success" doesn't really exist.  Life is just a road of continual improvements with ups and downs. 

And thank you for introducing me to people who care, and I mean, really care.  And those people, when they smile and when they laugh it means that they truly mean it.  I thank you for letting me live in a city without falsity but just reality. 

But of all things, Paris, I thank you for teaching me the true value of the artisan and the meaning of patisserie that is hand crafted,  from the heart and the soul.  Showing me and allowing me to feel that I could - die - for this, and that suffering to such a degree means that our fight to create patisserie that is so godamn good- that is worth sacrificing everything for- that is what it means to respect and love others. And no matter what, if they are delicious artisanal breads, cakes and chocolates, they have a big part in the meaning of life. It may sound dramatic, Paris, but I mean it. You taught me that I thank you. 

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