Monday, 21 July 2014

A little walk down rue Saint Dominique

I'm on a mission for you.  To find the best sweets and pastries in Paris and tell you all about it.

The downside is, I gave up sugar.  

And how long did that last? One and a half days of pure abstinence.

It's worth a try, right? 

Basically, after Eataly, which means a gelato a day keeps the doctor away, I thought, things have got to come to a halt. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Venice Re-visited.

Dear Daddy, 

I've faced my fears.

I've come back to Venice after a year. I was so nervous about coming back, worried that I wouldn't be able to accept the fact that I had ever left for good. I often returned, hoping that that way of life could be picked up as easily as it was at the beginning. But then last year broke away a large bond with Venice and I haven't been able to face her until now. 

An Ode To Venice

August 2013

Dear Venice,

I'd like to start off this message by thanking you for choosing me all those years ago when I was coming to Italy to study on my year abroad.  I actually chose Rome, but then you chose me.  And when I insisted on being in Rome by applying as an English teacher with the British Council, you stood right by me and said, "Hey Abi, I'm still here." So when the British Council gave me Milan as my location,  I thought, you know what Venice?  You've already stuck by me.  I'll go with you.